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Carbon FootprintReduce your Carbon Footprint with Stutton Grows

Air travel has been identified as the most environmentally damaging form of travel, yet the rise of low cost airlines means that more of us are taking advantage of the chance to get away. But every flight we take has an impact on climate change that arises from the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of burning jet fuel and other effects in the upper atmosphere. One single shorthaul flight produces roughly the same amount of CO2 as 3 months worth of driving a 1.4 litre car. The effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is cumulative, so acting now has more impact than acting later. You can’t do much about the fuel efficiency of aircraft, but if you ‘need’ a holiday or if you’re traveling on business, you can help reduce your personal contribution to global warming by making your flight carbon neutral. You can do this by a process called carbon offsetting.

A succession of companies have been set up on the internet to provide offsetting services, by presenting consumers with a calculator to work out their CO2 "debt" and a range of options to neutralise their emissions. The companies, the majority of which operate for profit and are based in America and the UK, then invest their customers' cash in projects that range from planting trees in Scotland to building wind turbines in India. 1.5 million Britons were estimated to have offset one or more flights last year.

Now if you are concerned about the environment you need look no further as we have a project here in the village. Stutton Grows can help you offset your carbon.

Stutton Grows is making a small contribution. To date we have planted more than a 1000 saplings that will grow into hedgerows and our community woodland.

It has been estimated that one mature tree can offset 1300 miles (2000 km) by plane. Now for £5 we can buy on your behalf 3 saplings that will go towards our community woodland (cheques can be made payable to Stutton Grows).

And there’s more on offer rather than just give us the money you can join us and plant them too on our next planting day! If you came along to our planting day on 26 November 2006 when we planted 250 saplings of 10 different varieties, then you will know what we are about. We advertise our events around the village in roundabout and here on this web site.

If you are interested give me a call.

Bill Hewlett Secretary tel 328541

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